How To Install

Easy Installation Instructions

  1. First Install the wooden post #1 into the post bracket with fasteners and bit provided.
  2. Dig hole deep enough so that the rebound area is just above the ground, let the post rest on the ground so water will drain from around the post and fill with 2 bags ready mix.
  3. Once the cement has set fill the hole with dirt and landscape as needed.
  4. Now insert the wooden post #2 into the mount and attach with fasteners provided.
  5. Now slip the cover you chose over the post. (notch facing road)
  6. Now attach the Tuff Mount to the top of the post using fasteners provided.
  7. Now your ready to attach the mailbox. Use the provided fasteners to attach the mailbox to the Tuff Mount.

Let the concrete set a few days before testing your new Tough Mailbox mounting system.*Note you may have to adjust the upper post to achieve the height of 41” to 45” off the ground box height. SEE USPS Notes

Install Diagram

Do Not Cement above the red line!
If you move you can take your mount.